Canada and the United States

log-truck.jpg When delivering our log homes across Canada and the United States, our shipping charges are approximately $4 / mile on a per load basis (including fuel surcharges and insurance costs).

Based on this average cost, below are the estimated log home shipping fees for the following North American cities.

Please Note: The following costs are estimates and are to be used for general budgeting purposes only.


Peterborough: $460
Ottawa: $430
Barrie: $670
Sudbury: $960
London: $1,245
Thunder Bay: $3,475


Montreal: $920
Sherbrooke: $1,340
Quebec City: $1,520

New Brunswick

Bathurst: $2,870
Saint John: $3,185
Moncton: $3,350

Nova Scotia

Halifax: $3,990

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown: $3,755


Winnipeg: $5,035

United States

Lake Placid, New York: $1,005

Albany, New York: $1,495

Burlington, Vermont: $1,285

Bangor, Maine: $2,095

Springfield, Massachusetts: $1,835

Providence, Rhode Island: $2,140

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: $2,065

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: $2,070

Grand Rapids, Michigan: $2,210

Traverse City, Michigan: $2,520

Columbus, Ohio: $2,505

Richmond, Virginia: $2,955

Louisville, Kentucky: $3,130

Raleigh, North Carolina: $3,635

Madison, Wisconsin: $3,450

Des Moines, Iowa: $4,110

St. Cloud, Minnesota: $4,750


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