Outside of North America

Below are the estimated shipping costs (per container) from Coyote Log Homes’ lot in Ontario to the following international ports (via Montreal, Quebec, Canada).

Please Note: These prices are estimates only, and are based on the use of a 40 ft. open top marine shipping container. Prices do not include marine insurance (0.48% of the total value of the shipment).


Antwerp, Belgium: $3,900

Rotterdam, The Netherlands: $3,900

Hamburg, Germany: $3,900

Southampton, United Kingdom: $3,900

Valencia, Spain: $3,900

Genoa, Italy: $3,900

Gothenburg, Sweden: $4,600

Copenhagen, Denmark: $4,600

Klaipeda, Lithuania: $5,300


Tokyo, Japan: $6,400

Nagoya, Japan: $6,400

Kobe, Japan: $6,400

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