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  1. Top 10 Reasons Why Handcrafted Log Homes are Better than Milled Systems
    By Gordon Merritt
    Featured in: GLLCA Newsletter, Spring 2007

  2. Building Character: Like People, Homes can Be Infused with Charm and Personality
    By Murray Arnott
    Featured in: Murray Arnott Design, http://www.designma.com/

  3. Log Home Insurance
    By Robèrt Savignac
    Featured in: ILBA Log Building News #43, May/June 2003

  4. Fire, Heat & Log Homes
    By Mark Fritch
    Featured in: ILBA Log Building News #34, June 2001
    Based on: ILBA conference presentation by Dalibor Houdek, Fornitek Canada Corporation

  5. The Overscribe Method Revisited: Overscribing the Lateral Groove to Create a Compression-Fit Notch
    By Del Radomske
    Featured in: ILBA Log Building News #51, September/October 2004




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